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Free shipping on orders of $69.69 or more!

Free shipping on orders of $69.69 or more!

Disc Traderz Loyalty Club and Training Room!

Elevate your game today with the new Disc Traderz training room! 

We offer private lessons utilizing the Tech Disc to help you improve your game as fast as possible. 

No more guessing what you're doing wrong and how to improve it. With the tech disc, you'll have immediate results revealing good and bad tendencies.

Then we will work together to build good habits that can be repeated until it is muscle memory. And the best part is, we will know immediately if you revert back to any old habits thanks to the tech disc.

Sign up today and start the journey to truly improving your disc golf game!

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Our used selection is massive and just keeps growing! We add them to the site daily so check in to see what's new! Click the image or button below to see our current stock.

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